Preventative Maintenance

Would you buy a brand new car and never expect to have the air the tires, change the oil, or check out an unusual noise? You know you would have your car serviced at regular intervals; it is the wise thing to do. Well, the same goes for your home comfort system, you have invested hard earned money into your home comfort system, and like that car you want to keep it operating at peak efficiency and performance. Having your home comfort system serviced on a regular basis can prevent problems before they start to cause discomfort or high utility bills. We suggest having your home comfort system serviced a minimum of twice annually, once in the spring as the weather warms up, then again in the fall as the temperatures start cooling down. What is involved in a preventative maintenance call, well we go through an Inspection and Performance Check List. This Inspection and Performance Check List includes checking items like:
Thermostat operation, high voltage and low voltage connections, drain lines, drain pans, refrigerant charge, fan relays, compressor contactors, and oiling fan motors, but the list goes on. So call or email today and discuss with our Service Consultant your needs for a Preventative Maintenance call or contract.

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