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When you trust Woodall’s Total Comfort Systems Inc. to perform routine and preventive maintenance on your heating and air condition systems, you are getting precise, honest diagnostics.


Our advanced testing instruments are designed to give accurate whole house check-ups.


Expert inspection services

Our inspections begin with a visual evaluation of your heating and air conditioning equipment, checking for signs of deterioration, improper installation or insufficient maintenance. Our expert technician will then evaluate the filtration and purification efficiency and determine if any improvements can be made to provide cleaner indoor air to your home.


Insulation and air leak checks

The inspection then continues with an evaluation of your system’s insulation, checking the levels of insulation and for defects such as hollow wall cavities that let air bypass your insulation. Even the highest-end heating and cooling systems will not work properly if there is not enough insulation.


We will also check your attic ventilation levels. We will then conduct a blower door test as part of our comfort diagnostics, which will identify leaks that may lead to dusty, mold or polluted air coming into the system from your attic, garage or crawl space. Leaky air ducts will bring dirty air into the system, causing your system to operate improperly. This test will pinpoint air leaks, and allow our technicians to see where improvements can be made.

Don't waste energy and money

The Department of Energy states that the typical air duct system can lose 25 – 40% of output energy by the central furnace, heat pump or air conditioning system. This wasted energy increases your monthly bills and can cause hot and cold spots in your home. Air duct leaks can also bring in potentially contaminated air, which can affect you and your family’s health.


Our expert technicians will use an air flow capture hood to measure just how much conditioned air is being delivered into your home, and then evaluate the system for possible air duct leaks. Our inspections and testing provide clear, complete results to be reviewed with you. These inspections identify problems that our technicians will evaluate, and then they will go over possible solutions and improvements.

Your first choice in preventative maintenance

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