Duct Sealing

All of us have heard the jokes about Duct Tape, right? Well, turns out duct tape is a joke. It is great for closing up boxes for storage, but it isn’t very good at sealing duct systems. Duct tape over years of subjection to heat and moisture can break down or just plan peal off. So what is better than duct tape? Mastic would be the correct answer. Mastic is a duct sealing material, that doesn’t break down when subjected to the heat of the attic, or the moisture in a crawl space. How do you determine if you have a leaky duct system? Well there are basically two ways of determining that, the best method would be to use a Duct Blaster. What is a Duct Blaster? A Duct Blaster is a diagnostic tool we use to measure air loss by pressure in a given duct system. The Duct Blaster is a fan with two pressure ports, the pressure ports measure entering pressure and internal pressure. The difference in the two pressures determines duct leakage; from there we can equate the leakage to an amount of total system loss through the duct system. This can help us calculate the energy dollars lost through duct leakage. After that test is performed, we introduce a smoke, much like that used in theatres for fog, into the duct system to help identify the leaking areas. From there we use mastic to seal the duct system and address any other problems with the duct system. After sealing the duct, we retest the duct system to make sure the leaks are sealed. Think you are blowing energy dollars under your home or in your attic, contact us and schedule a consultation.

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